Immunoaffinity Column Operating Rack

Pribolab® Immunoaffinity Column Operating Rack

  • Storage: RT
  • Expiry Date: 12 months
  • Item No.: EQ-RK 5010/5020//EQ-RACK-8/12
  • Specification: 8 bits/12 bits
  • Trademark: Pribolab

Pribolab designed a practical 8/12 bits IAC Operating Rack(EQ-RK 5010/5020//EQ-RACK-8/12)for the large-scale mycotoxin purification of the immunoaffinity columns and SPE columns. This device is made of sturdy, corrosion resistant materials and is designed to handle multiple immunoaffinity columns and SPE columns simultaneously. This system greatly improved the sample processing efficiency. Its detachability and portability also creates flexible space for labs. 


Mild positive pressure to avoid over speed flow rate.

Precise control of flow rate.

   l 8/12 bits optional.(2 large 30mL volume bits contained)

Open-sided structure, easy to clean.

l Applicable to Pribolab immunoaffinity column, no adapter substitute required.